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In this section you can find information on the following services:

  • Career Guidance services
  • student with disabilities and/or additional educational needs
  • FSD disability support
  • learner supports

Career Guidance Service

Dundrum CFE offers a Career Guidance Counselling service to all registered students throughout the academic year. We aim to assist students in getting the maximum benefit from their college experience, by providing them with information and advice on a range of career and progression topics

Our services include:

  • CAO application advice
  • UCAS application advice (for UK colleges)
  • QQI progression route information
  • SUSI (Funding & Grants)
  • Scholarship Information
  • Interview preparation
  • Career Interest Inventories
  • Mature student support
  • Apprenticeships
  • Confidential Individual Career and Personal Counselling

Contact by email:

To make an appointment link  (insert link here)

Students with Disabilities and Additional Educational Needs

Dundrum CFE is committed to providing the best possible learning environment for all our students. We make provision, wherever possible, to facilitate access and participation in the academic courses and student life of Dundrum CFE. We strive to create an inclusive community where all students are afforded the same opportunities to learn, socialise, participate and progress.

We have a range of supports that put you, the student, at the centre of your academic journey. Support is provided to allow you to tap into your own abilities and to ensure you reach your academic potential.

After a student has accepted a course place, if they feel they need support we encourage them to make contact with the support team at as early as possible so that we can discuss the support required.

The kind of supports needed may vary from student to student but can include the following:

  • Needs assessment
  • Advice on effective learning strategies.
  • Study skills
  • Additional learning support, if applicable
  • Academic writing support.
  • Time management.
  • Examination accommodations if applicable
  • Use of a laptop and/or other assistive technology, if applicable

Fund for Students with Disabilities – FSD

Dundrum CFE can apply for funding to assist students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties.  Students applying for this support will be asked to provide specific documentation verifying their disability and support required. On receipt of the support application form and the supporting documentation, the Guidance Counsellor will contact the student to arrange an assessment of their learning needs (if required).  The level of services and support a student will receive will depend on the grant allocation and the availability of suitable staff to provide support.

If you would like to avail of support, please download and complete the Student Support Form. If you wish to make direct contact with the support office, please contact the email below and we will make contact as soon as possible.

Contact email: (during term time)

STUDENT SUPPORT FORM: (Click Here to Complete Online)

Learning Support Services

Applying for Support:

  • Students with disabilities or specific learning needs are encouraged to apply for support services.
  • Applications can be made prior to or during the academic year, with early applications recommended for timely assistance.
  • Documentation verifying the nature of the disability is required to facilitate the support process.

Contacting Support Services:

  • Reach out to our support services office via email at for guidance and application details.
  • You will be scheduled for an appointment to discuss your unique support needs and complete the necessary forms.
  • Be aware of the closing dates for learning support applications to ensure your application is considered in a timely manner.

General Academic Support

Over the academic year there will be various workshops to help students with their studies such as study skills, time management, preparing for assignments, referencing, these events are there to support you during your academic journey.

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