1 year – 2 days per week (BTEI Part-time)


Do you have a passion for helping people reach their full potential? Our Personal Assistant programme can help you develop the core skills and competencies needed to support people with a range of additional needs in an inclusive and equitable manner.

The aim of this award is to develop the skills and competencies to support people with a range of additional needs. People who achieve this award work in a range of settings, such as independent living services.

Programme of Study

Core Modules

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Equality and Disability
  • Understanding Special Needs
  • Human Growth & Development
  • Person Centred Focus to Disability
Modules offered may be subject to change due to resource demands.

Part Time (BTEI)

The Back To Education Initiative (BTEI) provides part-time further education courses. It gives individuals the opportunity to combine learning with family, work and other responsibilities. Anyone who has left full-time education can take part in a course. Fees for part time courses offered under BTEI are normally €200 – €300, depending on duration and schedule. Certain participants are however eligible for free tuition.

The participants eligible for free tuition are people who (or their dependants):

  • Have less than upper-second level education or
  • Are getting a jobseeker’s payment or means-tested social welfare payment or
  • Are getting Working Family Payment (formerly known as Family Income Supplement or
  • Have a medical card or
  • Are eligible to participate on VTOS or Youthreach.

All other participants are charged a fee

Help people with additional needs reach their full potential with our Personal Assistant programme. Develop the skills and competencies needed to work in independent living services and other settings. Available as a full-time or part-time Back to Education Initiative course. Eligible participants can receive free tuition. Join us and make a difference in the world.