QQI Level 6 – Horticulture Code 6M4334
2 years Skills to Compete BTEI Part-time


This is a part-time course that leads to Horticulture QQI Level 6 award 6M4334 and must be completed over 2 academic years. Students take 3 modules in year 1 and other 3 modules in year 2. The course always runs every Wednesday and Thursday during the academic year and the summer months are then used to complete the 220 hours work placement that is specific to the module choice. 

Students choose between two different paths:


  • Path 1 focuses on Landscape construction preparing students to design from scratch and build a garden during the academic year preparing students for the landscape construction industry.


  • Path 2 focuses on the production of fruit and vegetables at market level by growing and maintaining produce in our college allotment preparing learners for commercial market gardening.

The course is suitable for students who have previously completed a level 5 course in horticulture or have sufficient knowledge through work in the industry. It is the perfect course for those who wish to continue working and studying at the same time.

Course hours: 

  • Every Wednesday and Thursday of two academic years (3 modules per year)
  • Full award is achieved by successfully completing  6 modules

Entry Requirements

  • Level 5 Horticulture or equivalent industry experience.

Programme of Study

Core Modules

  • Garden & Parks Supervision
  • Team Leadership
  • Tree & Shrub Management
  • Landscape Construction & Maintenance
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Sustainable Horticulture
Modules offered may be subject to change due to resource demands.

Work Placement/Gardening Projects

Practical experience is an integral part of the  course. The College has established the following  practices to enhance learners’ exposure to  horticulture:

  • Experience with landscape design real projects
  • Garden maintenance in public parks, private gardens and college grounds
  • Regular experience growing vegetables in college allotment
  • College trips to include Botanic Gardens, Hook Head, nurseries, parks, etc.
  • Community support: designing and helping to build a garden for St. Michael’s House and helping with Airfield Garden Estate.

Career Opportunities

Graduates have a wide range of employment opportunities in the horticulture sector. Some of the potential career paths include:

  • Market gardener: As a market gardener, you’ll grow and sell fruits, vegetables, and other crops at farmers’ markets, grocery stores, or restaurants. You’ll need to be skilled in planting, harvesting, and pest management.
  • Garden designer/landscaper: As a garden designer, you’ll work with clients to design and create outdoor spaces, gardens and landscapes. You’ll need to have a keen eye for design, an understanding of horticulture, and strong communication skills.
  • Horticulturist: As a horticulturist, you’ll specialise in the maintenance of large green spaces for both the private and public sector.
  • Garden centre worker: As a garden centre worker, you’ll work in a retail environment, selling plants, gardening tools, and other products to customers. You’ll need to have a good knowledge of horticulture and be skilled in customer service.

Progression Opportunities

Horticulture through the CAO application process in:

  • National Botanic Gardens, Horticulture
  • UCD: DN272 Horticulture
  • UCD: DN120 Landscape Architecture