QQI Level 5 Art, Craft and Design – Code 5M1984
1 year Full-time


Our Creative Ceramics course is designed for those with a strong interest in design and learning about ceramics and craft skills. This hands-on course provides practical demonstrations from artist teachers, as well as guest artists. Students have the opportunity to design and create a wide range of unique ceramic, sculptural, and printed pieces, as well as upcycling and using sustainable materials.

Entry Requirements

Creativity and a strong interest in art, design and craft skills are essential.

Programme of Study

Elective Modules

  • Ceramics
  • Print Making
  • Sculpture
  • Combined Materials
  • Batik

Core Modules

  • Communications
  • Work Experience
  • Drawing
  • Design Skills
Modules offered may be subject to change due to resource demands.

Studio Practice

160 hours of studio practice are incorporated into the course, where students will produce a range of crafts items and have the opportunity to put on a craft exhibition.

Employment Opportunities

Students will be equipped with relevant work experience to pursue a range of career paths such as self-employed and freelance artists, commission work, designers, and makers of craft objects.


Our Career Guidance Counsellor is available to advise students on the various progression options to higher education. Progression is available to IT Colleges through Higher Education Links CAO scheme. Examples include:

  • IADT, DL827 Art
  • NCAD – AD101 – Art & Design (Portfolio)
  • TU Dublin School of Art & Design
  • DCFE Advanced Ceramics & Design Level 6

We hope that our Creative Ceramics course will help you develop your creativity and craft skills, and equip you with the relevant work experience to pursue a range of career paths.