Level 5

RefCourse titleTypeFT/PTHubElectives
5M3782 Occupational Therapy Assistant FTNursing and Health Sciences
5M3782 Hospice Care Assistant FTNursing and Health Sciences
5M3782 Rehabilitative Therapy FTNursing and Health Sciences
5M3782 Physiotherapy Assistant FTNursing and Health Sciences
5M3782 Healthcare Assistant FTNursing and Health Sciences
5M4349 Nursing Studies FTNursing and Health Sciences

Hospice Care Assistant

Full time

Rehabilitative Therapy

Full time

Healthcare Assistant

Full time

Nursing Studies

Full time

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These course lead to Nursing Studies QQI level 5 5M4349 or Health Service Skills QQI level 5 5M3782. Nursing Studies serves as a foundation for those who wish to pursue a career in the nursing profession or to progress to other related areas in higher education. All courses enable students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and competence to work under supervision in a variety of hospital and other healthcare settings.  The specialist modules allow students to select based on their chosen area of interest.  In response to a growing ageing population and the development of care of the Older Person services in Ireland, the demand for skilled and competent healthcare assistants is expected to grow significantly over the coming years

Core Modules
  • Care Support
  • Communications
  • Work Experience (120 hours may be required)
  • Infection Prevention and Control
Elective Modules
  • Care Skills
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant Practice
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant Theory
  • Care of the Older Person
  • Palliative Care
  • Rehabilitation Support
  • Care Provision and Practice
  • Physiotherapy Assistant Practice
  • Physiotherapy Assistant Theory
  • Nursing Theory & Practice
  • Human Growth & Development

Modules offered may be subject to change due to resource demands.

Nursing & Healthcare Hub General Information
Employment and Career Opportunities Examples

Health Care Assistant
Physiotherapy Assistant
Occupational Therapist Assistant
Professional Home Care Support

Progression Examples
Graduates who achieve the required standard may progress to further studies in IT Colleges/Universities through the Higher Education Links Scheme as outlined in this brochure.

Graduates who achieve the required standard may also progress to further studies to Institutes of Technology and Universities.  Examples of progression courses include:

UCD, DN450 General Nursing, DN451 Children’s & General Nursing
DCU, DC215 General Nursing, DC216 Mental Health Nursing
Dundalk IT, DK870 General Nursing
Entry to UK Colleges through UCAS or European Colleges through UNiCAS